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The Bruce Lee Statue That Sought to Unify a Divided City


The story behind the world's most unlikely Bruce Lee tribute: a statue in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Rise and Fall of the Turkish “Mockbuster”


Cult Film enthusiast Timon Singh explores the strange story of how Turkey became the home of cinema’s most curious rip-offs.

Remembering Sridevi: How India’s Most Famous Actress United North and South


Superstar Sridevi Kapoor's death both bridges and highlights one of India's biggest cultural divides.

Why You’ll Never See an Asian Stoner Movie


East Asia emulates many Hollywood genres—but not stoner movies (thank Western hegemony).

Why and How FESPACO Needs To Reform


Africa's most important film festival is fast approaching its 50th anniversary. Boukary Sawadogo suggests how it can improve and better prepare for the future.

How “Isle of Dogs” is a Metaphor for Japanese Politics


Other critics have it wrong: Wes Anderson's film actually conveys Japanese issues through an American lens, not the other way around.

What Does It Mean for Asian-Americans When China’s Most Popular TV Program Is Racist?


What does perceived Asian racism mean for the Asian-American identity?

Why “Who Killed Captain Alex?” is the Most Important African Film of the 21st Century


The Ugandan Action Comedy that became an internet sensation heralds the future of African Cinema

What Black Panther’s Success Means For African Cinema


Could the record-breaking American superhero blockbuster be a game-changer for African Cinema?

If Indian Movies Want Bigger Profits, They Should Focus on China


Lessons from Aamir Khan's "Secret Superstar" and "Dangal".

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