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An Introduction to “Father of African Cinema” Ousmane Sembène


Timothy Niwamanya provides an introduction to Ousmane Sembène, the first true African filmmaker and a legend of Cinema.

A Closer Look at Mozambican Cinema


Katy Stewart pulls back the curtain on Mozambique's cinematic heritage of revolution and innovation.

A Closer Look At Burkinabe Cinema


Boukary Sawadogo provides an insight into Burkino Faso: one of the African continent's most important countries for cinema.

Review: “Kati Kati” Confronts Tragedy Through The Afterlife


Mbithi Masya's strikingly original debut forces Kenya to confront its violent past through metaphor.

“Come Back, Africa” is an Apartheid Time Capsule


Revisiting the South African classic which reminds us of what life was like under apartheid.

Why and How FESPACO Needs To Reform


Africa's most important film festival is fast approaching its 50th anniversary. Boukary Sawadogo suggests how it can improve and better prepare for the future.

A Closer Look at Bissau-Guinean Cinema


Katy Stewart takes us on a journey through one of Africa's most overlooked national cinemas.

Review: The Unwavering Relevance of “The Battle of Algiers”


The Algerian masterpiece remains one of the most relevant films of our time for good reason.

What Does It Mean for Asian-Americans When China’s Most Popular TV Program Is Racist?


What does perceived Asian racism mean for the Asian-American identity?

Why “Who Killed Captain Alex?” is the Most Important African Film of the 21st Century


The Ugandan action comedy that became an internet sensation heralds the future of African Cinema

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