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Trailer: Chinese WWII Drama “Unbreakable Spirit” Premieres Aug 2018, Starring Bruce Willis


Formerly known as "The Bombing", "Unbreakable Spirit" dramatizes Chinese resistance to Japanese bombings during WWII.

Review: Chinese Blockbuster “Us and Them” Will Make You Miss Your Ex


Zhou Dongyu’s latest movie challenges whether traditional notions of success will make us truly happy (spoiler: they won’t)

“Chasing the Dragon” is a Critique of British Corruption in Colonial Hong Kong


In this Hong Kong triad movie, it's Chinese v. British—not gangster v. police.

“People’s Republic of Desire”: Director Hao Wu Introduces Us to Chinese Internet Celebrity Culture


America has YouTube celebrities—but who are the "internet famous" in China?

What Does It Mean for Asian-Americans When China’s Most Popular TV Program Is Racist?


What does perceived Asian racism mean for the Asian-American identity?

Review: “Operation Red Sea” Offers a Chinese Take on Military Heroics


Operation Red Sea is an action-packed modern war movie: the first to show China's intervention in the Middle East.

The 9 Best Chinese Romance Movies


The top Chinese romance movies that'll warm your heart.

Review: “Have A Nice Day” is Chinese Animation With Western Characteristics


China's first-ever adult animated feature has started screening across numerous US cities.

Review: China’s “Sky Hunter” Gives “Top Gun” a Run for Its Money


"Sky Hunter" showcases shiny Chinese fighter jets, global ambitions, and...Fan Bingbing.

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