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Hong Kong

How Music in “Chungking Express” Comments on Hong Kong’s Handover


Songs in Wong Kar-wai's "Chungking Express" reflect past anxieties around Hong Kong's 1997 return to China.

Meet Joshua Wong: The 20 Year-old Poster Boy of Hong Kong’s Democracy Movement


Wong is the subject of "Joshua: Teenager v. Superpower"―a new documentary now available on Netflix.

Review: iGirl (Hong Kong, 2016)


A rambling Hong Kong sci-fi romantic comedy featuring robot girlfriends.

Review: 2046 (Hong Kong, 2004)


Wong Kar-wai is one of Asia’s most renowned filmmakers. If you’re a hardcore film buff, you’ve probably heard of him. If not, he’s definitely a...

Review: Flirting in the Air (Hong Kong, 2014)


It's a Ming Dynasty vase! It's a plane! No, it's "Flirting in the Air", an irreverently naughty Hong Kong comedy that parodies a popular show...

Review: Comrades, Almost a Love Story (China/Hong Kong, 1996)


Teresa Teng is one of the most prolific Chinese singers in the modern age. Although artists like Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai may be the...

Review: Lan Kwai Fong (Hong Kong, 2011)


If there was a genre of movies called “rich people problems”, Lan Kwai Fong would be one of its leading films. The first in a trilogy, Lan Kwai Fong tells the story...

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