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This Movie Helps Explain Why Turkey And Japan Are Such Good Friends


"Ertugrul 1890" reveals how it all starts with a century-old disaster.

Review: Lowlife Love (Japan, 2016)


A 2016 black comedy that skewers the Japanese film industry in a tale of sex and failure.

5 Japanese Movies (and 3 Shorts) to Watch If You Love Cats


Like cats? Like Japanese movies? Check out these Japanese movies with cats!

Review: Your Name (Japan, 2016)


Makoto Shinkai's 2016 film "Your Name" is a vibrantly-animated meditation on memory in Japanese culture, told through the story of a teenage body swap.

Review: If Cats Disappeared from the World (Japan, 2016)


A heartfelt Japanese film with a somewhat misleading title (fortunately).

Review: The Eternal Zero (Japan, 2013)


2013 was a good year for Japanese aviation fans. Hayao Miyazaki released his magnum opus The Wind Rises, a fictionalized biopic of Jiro Horikoshi (the...

Review: Outrage (Japan, 2010)


In an interview with the Yomiuri Shimbun, Japanese director Takeshi Kitano discussed how, for his 2010 film Outrage, his only ambition was to be entertaining....

“Terrace House”: Netflix’s New Japanese Reality Show


Three guys, three girls, and a massive, well appointed apartment in the heart of Tokyo? Netflix does reality TV for Japan.. and it's not what...

Review: Kabukicho Love Hotel (Japan, 2014)


Steamy sex scenes, dark secrets, and broken dreams —“pink film” kingpin Ryuichi Hiroki does it again. A multi-threaded drama featuring a Korean call girl, an aspiring...

Review: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (Japan, 2006)


Imagine if one day, while carrying papers into a chemistry classroom, you fall upon a walnut that grants you the ability to–literally–jump through time. This...

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