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The 16 Best Japanese Romance Movies


Want to watch a Japanese romance film? Easily choose from our curated selection of live action and animated hits.

11 WWII Movies From the Japanese perspective


Check out 10 of the best Japanese WWII movies. Learn about World War II from a different perspective!

The 10 Best Japanese Movies of 2017


Ten Japanese movies from 2017 that are worth your attention.

This Movie Helps Explain Why Turkey And Japan Are Such Good Friends


"Ertugrul 1890" reveals how it all starts with a century-old disaster.

Review: Lowlife Love (Japan, 2016)


A 2016 black comedy that skewers the Japanese film industry in a tale of sex and failure.

5 Japanese Movies (and 3 Shorts) to Watch If You Love Cats


Like cats? Like Japanese movies? Check out these Japanese movies with cats!

Review: Your Name (Japan, 2016)


Makoto Shinkai's 2016 film "Your Name" is a vibrantly-animated meditation on memory in Japanese culture, told through the story of a teenage body swap.

Review: If Cats Disappeared from the World (Japan, 2016)


A heartfelt Japanese film with a somewhat misleading title (fortunately).

Review: The Eternal Zero (Japan, 2013)


2013 was a good year for Japanese aviation fans. Hayao Miyazaki released his magnum opus The Wind Rises, a fictionalized biopic of Jiro Horikoshi (the...

Review: Outrage (Japan, 2010)


In an interview with the Yomiuri Shimbun, Japanese director Takeshi Kitano discussed how, for his 2010 film Outrage, his only ambition was to be entertaining....

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