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North Korea

Top 10 documentaries about North Korea


The best North Korea documentaries, compiled by someone who's actually been there.

Review: Under the Sun (Russia/North Korea, 2015)


Russian filmmaker Vitaly Manskiy's Under the Sun is perhaps the most philosophical and artistic documentary I've seen about North Korea.

Review: The Flower Girl (North Korea, 1972)


When I traveled to North Korea last summer, I talked with one of my guides, Ms. Pak, about movies. A friend of mine had asked...

Review: Order Number 27 (North Korea, 1986)


Despite my intense academic interest in North Korea, I actually haven’t fully dived into the country’s cinema yet. Yes, I’ve seen documentaries filmed in North...

Review: Meet in Pyongyang (North Korea/China, 2012)


Yes, Virginia (Langley, perhaps?), a North Korean-Chinese joint production filmed in Pyongyang with Uighur and North Korean co-directors actually exists. North Korean collaboration with international...