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South Korea

The 16 Best Korean Romance Movies


The best Korean romance movies—streaming links included.

The 11 Best Korean Action Movies


Discover the top action movies from South Korea—streaming links included.

10 Movies About South Korea’s Democratization


These ten movies are a great way to learn about how South Korea became the democracy it is today.

Review: “Psychokinesis” is South Korea’s First Superhero Movie


"Train to Busan’s" director returns with another hard-hitting blockbuster.

Why Don’t Korean Dramas and Movies Like Americans?


Americans are almost always the bad guys in Korean media. Why?

10 South Korean Dramas That Feature North Korea


The news isn't the only place where you can see North-South Korea relations—these K-dramas will both entertain and inform you!

The 11 Best Korean Movies of 2017


The 11 best Korean movies from 2017 including action, drama, comedy, and historical films!

Review: The Mayor (South Korea, 2017)


Available for easy international viewing on Netflix, "The Mayor" is yet another film that dramatizes electoral corruption from a South Korean perspective.

Trailer: Battleship Island (South Korea, 2017)


Remember that abandoned island in Skyfall? That's a real place, and a South Korea movie's being made about it.

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