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“The Islands and the Whales” Tells of the Faroes—and Maybe the EU


Pilot whale hunts are a long-held tradition in the Faroe Islands. Challenges to the hunt on the basis of mercury poisoning bring up deep questions...

Review: In Your Arms (Denmark, 2015)


In Samanou Acheche Sahlstrøm's first feature length film, the writer/director takes on the difficult subject of euthanasia.

Review: Land of Mine (Denmark/Germany, 2015)


This Oscar-nominated Danish/German film explores a little-known part of WWII's aftermath.

Review: Terribly Happy (Denmark, 2008)


Terribly Happy is not a terribly happy movie. It’s another iteration of a tried-and-true formula: disgraced city cop gets assigned to a small town only...

Review: Klown (Denmark, 2010)


What do you get when you mix the woes of parenting and The Hangover? Probably something a lot like Klown, a taboo-busting Danish comedy.


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