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Trailer: “Guardians”, Russia’s Answer to “The Avengers”, Premieres Feb 23


Tired of American superheroes? Check out "Guardians" for superhero action with a Russian twist!

Review: Land of Mine (Denmark/Germany, 2015)


This Oscar-nominated Danish/German film explores a little-known part of WWII's aftermath.

Review: Stalingrad (Russia, 2013)


A 2013 Russian revisitation of WWII's arguably most important battle, complete with slick production quality and special effects.

Review: Under the Sun (Russia/North Korea, 2015)


Russian filmmaker Vitaly Manskiy's Under the Sun is perhaps the most philosophical and artistic documentary I've seen about North Korea.

Review: Jack Strong (Poland, 2014)


Based on a true Cold War story, Jack Strong is a spy thriller from Poland which has hints of the country's recent political climate.

Contemporary Portugal through “Cats Don’t Have Vertigo” (Os Gatos Não Têm Vertigens)


This heartwarming yet relatively obscure 2014 film provides rich insights into Portuguese society today.

Review: Colonia (Germany/France, 2015)


The story sounds too frightening to be true: a mysterious cult in Chile, run by a former Nazi, is unmasked as a haven of child...

Review: Look Who’s Back (Germany, 2015)


In 2012, writer Timur Vermes published Look Who’s Back, perhaps Germany’s most provocative and popular novel in recent memory. Its premise? Adolf Hitler has somehow...

Review: Headhunters (Norway, 2011)


At 5ft 6in, Roger Brown exists below the average Scandinavian male’s height. In every other aspect, however, Brown is anything but average. He owns a...

Review: Terribly Happy (Denmark, 2008)


Terribly Happy is not a terribly happy movie. It’s another iteration of a tried-and-true formula: disgraced city cop gets assigned to a small town only...

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