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South Asia

Review: “Gully Boy” Is a Modern, Nuanced Depiction of Class Struggle Through Slum Life and Rap Music


Directed and written by Indian women, this film succeeds where Slumdog Millionaire fails

Remembering Sridevi: How India’s Most Famous Actress United North and South


Superstar Sridevi Kapoor's death both bridges and highlights one of India's biggest cultural divides.

If Indian Movies Want Bigger Profits, They Should Focus on China


Lessons from Aamir Khan's "Secret Superstar" and "Dangal".

Review: “Haider” Is “Hamlet” With AK-47s


This movie is the most entertaining—and meaningful—adaptation of "Hamlet" you'll ever see.

Meet India’s “Third Gender” in “Black Sheep”


A new documentary profiles the hijra - a unique transgender community in India with several thousand years of history.

A Taste of South Indian Indie Film From “Six Feet High” And “An Off-Day Game”


Keralan director Sanal Kumar Sasidhara's first two features offer an example of world-class cinematic technique applied to local, Indian narratives.

Trailer: Jackie Chan’s “Kung Fu Yoga” Premieres Jan 28


Kung Fu Yoga is a Chinese-Indian coproduction starring Jackie Chan that hits Chinese theaters on January 28, 2017.

Interview with Niharika Popli, director of “Rasan Piya”


Niharika Popli is the director of Rasan Piya, a documentary about a renowned classical Indian musician named Ustad Abdul Rashid Khan.

Review: Kothanodi (India, 2015)


A refreshing, artistic independent film from the northeastern Indian state of Assam.

Review: 3 Idiots (India, 2009)


All izz well. As my heart was incessantly thudding, waiting to open the page where Cornell University would determine my fate forever, I whispered to...


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