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Review: A Loner (China, 2017)


"A Loner" (大雪冬至) explores the life of a old woman in Beijing, illuminating a broader social phenomenon of "left-behind" elders in modern-day China.

Review: Berlinized (Germany, 2012)


"Berlinized" is a peek into the bizarre art culture that grew out of the fallen Berlin Wall.

Review: Kajaki (United Kingdom, 2014)


The independent film Kajaki (titled Kilo Two Bravo for North American distribution) tells the true story of British troops who must contend with the physical...

Review: Good Kill (United States, 2014)


Andrew Niccol explores the dark side of modern warfare through the eyes of a F-16 pilot (Ethan Hawke) reassigned to fly Predator drones. This uniquely...

Review: Bottle Shock (United States, 2008)


Professor Snape (a.k.a. Alan Rickman) stars alongside Captain Kirk (a.k.a. Chris Pine), Bill Pullman and Rachael Taylor in this tale about the great upset in...

Review: Sleepwalk with Me (United States, 2012)


If you’re a This American Life listener, you’ve probably heard comedian Mike Birbiglia. Birbiglia contributes regularly to the program, offering doses of deadpan humor in numerous...

Review: Lost In Translation (United States, 2003)


There’s an old adage in Japanese — “mono no aware”, or “the transience of life”. It’s the idea that nothing is forever, and that’s precisely what gives...

Review: Submarine (United Kingdom/United States, 2010)


To say the least, Richard Ayoade’s Submarine is both dark and quirky. It narrates the adolescence of Oliver Tate, an introverted, semi-neurotic 15 year-old in...

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