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Ukraine’s “Servant of the People” Is a Hidden Gem of Political Comedy


After earning the love of Ukrainian audiences, this satirical show is now available worldwide on Netflix.

“Terrace House”: Netflix’s New Japanese Reality Show


Three guys, three girls, and a massive, well appointed apartment in the heart of Tokyo? Netflix does reality TV for Japan.. and it's not what...

Are the Huangs in “Fresh Off the Boat” Chinese or Taiwanese?


IMDB says Fresh Off the Boat is about how "a Taiwanese family makes their way in America during the 1990s". However, its season finale features...

More Petrov, More Politics: Fight “House of Cards” Withdrawal With Denmark’s “Borgen”


Need a way to deal with House of Cards withdrawal? Look no further than the Danish political drama "Borgen", an exceptional show that also stars...

“Fresh Off the Boat”: Comedy With a Side of Free Napkins


To be entirely honest, I was very skeptical of Fresh Off the Boat (“FOB”) when I first heard about it — after all, how would the American Broadcasting Company (“ABC”)...

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