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Recruiting: Middle East Editor and Staff Writers

About this Position

English-language media often fails to adequately cover the Middle East in all the depth it deserves. Here at Cinema Escapist, we want to change that by highlighting films which create opportunities for cultural understanding.

To do this, we’re looking for one Middle East Editor and multiple Middle East Staff Writers who have cultural fluency with the region—whether that means you speak Arabic/Farsi/Turkish or are passionate about relevant social/political issues.

As Middle East Editor, you’ll recruit and manage contributors. Specifically, this entails…

  • Helping contributors brainstorm/formulate article ideas.
  • Curating/editing those articles (if you want to write articles yourself, we’d love that too).
  • Working directly with Anthony, our Editor-in-Chief, to regularly discuss website and editorial strategy.

Note that editorships will require a deeper time/effort commitment than staff writing.

As a Middle East Staff Writer, you’ll…

  • Write articles (at least once per month) that offer an incisive look at films from the Middle East.
  • Be free to explore. Want to interview an Oscar-winning cinematographer from Aleppo? Discover Iranian rock music through No One Knows About Persian Cats? That’s all fair game. Here at CE, we want to help your creative juices flow.

Full transparency: these are unpaid positions—we have a dedicated team of volunteers driven by dual passions for international affairs and film.

How to Apply

Interested? E-mail join [at] Use the subject line “Application: Middle East Editor – {Your Name Here}” or “Application: Middle East Staff Writer – {Your Name Here} and include the following within your email:

  1. A brief self-introduction.
  2. If available, previous writing samples (can be attached as documents or linked).
  3. A succinct proposal for what topic(s) you might want to focus on. Want to analyze gender roles in Lebanese soap operas? Start a column about Iranian movies? Cover how Saudi Arabia now has movie theaters? You can propose anything you want that relates to our mission of “explore and connect the world through a cinematic lens”; just explain the relation. We’re open to suggestions and want to give your creativity an audience!

About Cinema Escapist

Cinema Escapist is a fast-growing web publication aiming to “explore and connect the world through a cinematic lens”.

We review & analyze foreign films/TV with a unique bent. While normal critics ask “why is this movie good or bad”, we go beyond that and ask “why does this movie matter?”

This distinct focus has allowed us do things like…

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