Recruiting: Social Media Manager

About this Position

We’re not just looking for writers. If you want to help promote the mission and content of Cinema Escapist to a wider audience, we are looking for people with experience in social media promotion and management.

Perhaps our biggest focus of the year is to grow our audience across social media and direct them to the website. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit, as well as any other social media platforms you think might help build our audience.

You would be responsible for sharing the latest articles from the websites soon after they are published. We would also need you to post relevant content unique to each platform, so we can encourage more audience engagement.

The ideal applicant would have relevant experience, enthusiasm for and interest in the content we cover, and be full of suggestions for how we can improve our presence on social media.

We would look to you for the best ways to achieve our goal of becoming more prolific on various platforms. If this something you think you’re able to do, then we look forward to your application!

How to Apply

Interested? E-mail join [at] Use the subject line “Application: Social Media Manager” and include the following within your email:

  1. A brief self-introduction.
  2. If available, a link to your LinkedIn profile to help us get a quick understanding of your professional background.
  3. A couple ideas for how Cinema Escapist might grow its (currently very underwhelming) social presence. We’re leaving this purposefully open-ended as a test of both creativity and practicality.

Note: this is an unpaid position. 

About Cinema Escapist

Cinema Escapist is a fast-growing web publication aiming to “explore and connect the world through a cinematic lens”.

We review & analyze foreign films/TV with a unique bent. While normal critics ask “why is this movie good or bad”, we go beyond that and ask “why does this movie matter?”

This distinct focus has allowed us do things like…

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