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Singaporean film “1400” to have UK theatrical screening on August 27, 2017

1400, an award-winning Singaporean romance movie, is set to have its UK theatrical premiere at London's renowned Picturehouse Central.

By , 27 Jul 17
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Update on August 29, 2017: the London screening forĀ 1400 has been postponed to October 1, 2017 and will occur at Genesis Cinema instead. Tickets are available here.

1400, an award-winning Singaporean romance movie, is set to have its UK theatrical premiere on August 27, 2017 at London’s renowned Picturehouse Central. Directed by Derrick Lui, the film features four intertwined love stories set in a hotel and explores themes of identity, loneliness, and alienation.

The film first screened at the Montreal World Film Festival in September 2015 and won awards at flEXiff 2015 in Sydney, the International Movie Awards 2016 in Jakarta, and the 2016 Maverick Movie Awards in LA. It had its Singaporean theatrical release at the Filmgarde Cineplex on August 26, 2016, receiving accolades from figures including Singapore’s Minister of Communications and Information.

Daehan Drama, an upstart distributor known for partnering with South Korea’s Ministry of Culture (through KOFICE) to screen Korean dramas in Britain, acquired global rights for 1400 and helped set up the London screening.

“I am over the moon and thankful for the opportunity to share 1400 with a UK audience for the first time,” said Director Lui. “Given the growing difficulty for foreign language films to get a theatrical release there, I am grateful to Daehan Drama and for bringing 1400 to local cinema-goers.”

Tickets for the August 27 screening of 1400 can be booked online at Ourscreen.

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