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South Korea

Review: “Designated Survivor: 60 Days” Is a Promising Korean Political Thriller


Inspired by the eponymous American television series, the Korean remake carves its own path based on Korean political dynamics

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Review: Beijing Meets Seattle (China, 2013)


Chinese people have always viewed New York as the ultimate symbol of Americanism–something evident in a wide range of Chinese tragi-romances and coming-of-age stories, including my...

Review: Taiwan’s “Dear Ex” Tells An Offbeat And Poignant Family Story


One of Taiwan's best films of 2018, "Dear Ex" offers an emotionally complex look at a modern family.

Review: If Cats Disappeared from the World (Japan, 2016)


A heartfelt Japanese film with a somewhat misleading title (fortunately).

Review: One Step Away (China, 2014)


Zhao Baogang’s One Step Away tells the story of a double-agent Communist serving as a KMT-employed Communist-hunter named Fu (played by Sun Honglei), who harbours...

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