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Review: Outrage (Japan, 2010)


In an interview with the Yomiuri Shimbun, Japanese director Takeshi Kitano discussed how, for his 2010 film Outrage, his only ambition was to be entertaining....

Review: El Infierno (Mexico, 2010)


In El Infierno, Mexican director Luis Estrada offers a pitch-black critique of his own homeland.

Review: Just Another Pandora’s Box (China, 2010)


The story of the Three Kingdoms (三国) is one of my favourite Chinese classics — the brilliant strategies employed by wise men, the playful deceits of...

Review: Somewhere I Have Never Traveled (Taiwan, 2009)


Taiwanese kids can be just as quirky as those in other parts of the world — so there’s no excuse for the island to not...

Review: Klown (Denmark, 2010)


What do you get when you mix the woes of parenting and The Hangover? Probably something a lot like Klown, a taboo-busting Danish comedy.

Review: Norwegian Wood (Japan, 2010)


For me, there’s probably nothing more satisfyingly escapist than reading a Haruki Murakami novel alone in a secluded room. Millions of Japanese youth would probably...

Review: Submarine (United Kingdom/United States, 2010)


To say the least, Richard Ayoade’s Submarine is both dark and quirky. It narrates the adolescence of Oliver Tate, an introverted, semi-neurotic 15 year-old in...


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