Cinema Escapist

Exploring the world and self through a cinematic lens



Founded in November 2014, Cinema Escapist is a home for insightful commentary on global film and media. We aim to explore both the world and self through a cinematic lens — whether through reviews, media analysis, or interviews.

Our work rests upon the belief that media and society are intimately intertwined. Movies, television, music, and literature are not only art, but also portals for intellectual discovery. By better understanding media, we can better understand each other and ourselves.

Our Team

Anthony Kao, Founder and Editor-in-Chief

By day, Anthony is a product manager at Khan Academy in Silicon Valley. By night, he runs and writes for Cinema Escapist. Anthony has an intellectual fascination with East Asian politics and totalitarian regimes like North Korea and East Germany. His favorite films include Empire of the Sun, Yi Yi, and The Fog of War.

Richard Yu, Founding Contributor

Living in exile from China after the Great China Ridesharing War, Richard is currently imprisoned in Disneyland with the Death Penalty. He dreams of making Asian cinema — especially Chinese tragi-romances — as ubiquitous as running water, everywhere for everyone. His favorite films include My Old Classmate and The Battle of Red Cliff.

Akshay Suggula, Founding Contributor

Akshay is an Investment Banking Analyst at Barclays in New York City. “Cinema deciphers the soul”, or so he says. His favorite films include Lost in Translation and Whisper of the Heart.

Jordan Li, Contributor

Jordan is an undergraduate at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo whose specialties lie in military history and aviation. His favorite films include Time of Eve and Good Will Hunting.

Jake Goldwasser, Contributor

Jake is a polyglot and coordinates translations for Khan Academy. In addition to language, he is interested in poetry, cartooning, DIY, color, music, myth, and geography. Some of his favorite movies are Psycho, Annie Hall, In Bruges, The Lives of Others, and Brooklyn.