Trailer: Lee Byung Hun’s “A Single Rider” Premieres Feb 22

Lee Byung-hun leaves behind his usual tough guy roles to play a fund manager who uncovers a shocking secret after his life implodes.

By , 19 Feb 17 01:16 GMT

In A Single Rider (싱글라이더), superstar South Korean actor Lee Byung-hun leaves behind his usual gangster or tough guy roles and plays a 40-something year old fund manager named Jae-hoon.

When his company goes bust, Jae-Hoon goes to visit his son Jin-woo and wife Soo-jin (Kong Hyo-jin), a professional violinist, in Australia. While there, he watches from a distance while his wife displays suspicious affections towards her Australian neighbor, only to discover another shocking truth that upends his life.

A Single Rider runs for 1hr 37mins and will hit Korean theaters on February 22, 2017.

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