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South Korea

Review: Netflix’s “Record of Youth” Highlights Millennial Struggles in the Fashion Industry


Park Bo-gum and Park So-dam star in a drama that eschews K-drama romance clichés, instead highlighting the frustrations of millennials

Review: “Lucky Chan-sil” Displays Burdens of Female Expectations in Korean Society


"Lucky Chan-sil" illustrates a career-oriented woman’s struggle with gender inequality and expectations in Korean society.

Review: Korea’s “#Alive” Is a Perfect Zombie Movie for the Coronavirus Era


Starring Yoo Ah-in and Park Shin-hye, “#Alive” is an entertaining zombie flick that seems tailor-made for the time of coronavirus.

Review: “Peninsula” Offers Ample Korean Zombie Action, But Less Originality


"Train to Busan" sequel "Peninsula" paints a dynamic post-apocalypse filled with flares and car chases, but lacks depth and distinctiveness.

Review: “The Shaman Sorceress” Explores Clashes Between Competing Faiths


Based on a 1936 short story, "The Shaman Sorceress" portrays how Westernization and modernization affected a Korean village through their shaman.

Netflix’s “TWogether” Highlights the Legacy of English in Asia


Featuring Lee Seung-gi and Jasper Liu, Netflix reality show "TWogether" reveals the traces of colonial English in Southeast and South Asia.

Review: “House of Hummingbird” Paints A Bleak Coming-of-Age


In "House of Hummingbird," Korean director Kim Bora examines adolescence and alienation in 1990s Seoul.

Korean Film “Beauty Water” Depicts the Horrors of Keeping Up with Beauty Standards


Debuted at Annecy 2020, Korean animated movie "Beauty Water" provides a dark view of using plastic surgery to change one’s socioeconomic standing.

Review: Netflix’s “Extracurricular” Is a Dark High School Drama Exploring Teen Problems


Netflix original K-drama "Extracurricular" subverts traditional high school teen drama cliches by exploring issues like compensated dating.

Review: “The World of the Married” Is an Intense, Controversial Drama About Extramarital Affairs


Through affairs and divorce, smash-hit K-drama “The World of the Married” explores why marriage isn’t all sunshine and butterflies.

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