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“Fatal Countdown: Reset” premieres June 30, 2017

"Fatal Countdown: Reset" (逆时营救) is Chinese time travel suspense movie starring Yang Mi and Wallace Huo.

By , 20 Jun 17 05:08 UTC
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Fatal Countdown: Reset (逆时营救) is an upcoming Chinese science fiction movie produced by Jackie Chan and directed by the mononymous Korean director Chang (full name Yoon Hong-seung).

Actress Yang Mi (杨幂) plays a single mother named Xia Tian who researches time travel at a Physics Institute. One day, a mysterious man named Cui Hu (played by Wallace Huo 霍建华) kidnaps her son Dou Dou (played by Hummer Zhang — yes, really, “Hummer”) in an attempt to extort Xia’s research. In order to save her son, Xia travels back in time 1 hour 50 mins and sets of a complex chain of events that beings to unravel the mysteries behind why Cui Hu is so interested in her life’s work.

Suffice to say, at least this film provides a solid counterexample to the urban legend that’s floated around Western circles for the past few years that China has banned time travel related movies and TV.

Fatal Countdown: Reset is set to premiere in China on June 30, 2017.

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