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Review: “Last Sunrise” Is a Thoughtful Addition to China’s Burgeoning Sci-fi Genre


Filmed in 14 days on a budget of $250,000, the Last Sunrise leaves a different impression on what home-grown, Chinese science fiction has to offer...

Review: “Everyday Hero” Honors the Life Works of Guo Jian Nan


Everyday Hero (南哥, lit. Brother Nan) is a Chinese biopic based on the true life and story of Guo Jian Nan, and his works in...

Why “Who Killed Captain Alex?” is the Most Important African Film of the 21st Century


The Ugandan Action Comedy that became an internet sensation heralds the future of African Cinema

Review: “Operation Red Sea” Offers a Chinese Take on Military Heroics


Operation Red Sea is an action-packed modern war movie: the first to show China's intervention in the Middle East.

The 8 Best Chinese Movies of 2017


Eight Chinese movies from 2017 that are worth your attention.

Asian Brilliant Stars Movie Award Program Launches Second Edition


The 2nd iteration of Asian Brilliant Stars includes more award categories, renowned jury members like Kim Ki-duk, and popular films from outside China.

Trailer: “Monkey King 3 – Kingdom of Women” Set for February 16, 2018 Release


The latest member of Cheang Pou-soi's Monkey King film series will hit Chinese theaters early 2018.

The Best Chinese Movies on Netflix


Seven worthy Chinese movies you can watch on Netflix today!

The 5 Best Chinese War Movies


We've compiled a list of the top 5 Chinese war movies. Check it out!

Review: The Hidden Sword (China, 2017)


A distinctively artistic take on an alternate Second Sino-Japanese War which China wins with the help of a mysterious swordsman.

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