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Trailer: “Out of Control”, Starring T.O.P. And Cecilia Cheung, Premiere Delayed Indefinitely

Out of Control (失控·幽灵飞车) is an upcoming thriller starring Big Bang's T.O.P. and Cecilia Cheung.

By , 14 Jun 17 10:05 UTC
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Out of Control‘s poster.

Out of Control (失控·幽灵飞车) is an upcoming Chinese-German action thriller that stars T.O.P of the Korean boy band Big Bang and Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung as its leads.

Cheung plays a Chinese actress named Lucy Lin who is attending the Berlin Film Festival, while T.O.P. plays a maverick cop named Tom who pursues escaped criminals. When Lin’s limousine spins out of control on the Berlin streets, she and Tom are brought together in an explosive series of events.

Originally, Out of Control was supposed to be released in December 2016. However, unspecified delays occurred and Chinese sources now report that the film will be released sometime in 2018 instead. It’s unclear whether T.O.P.’s mandatory military service (which started February 2017) and recent overdose might’ve affected the film’s prospects.

The international co-production was filmed in Berlin and is supposed to be T.O.P’s Chinese debut after his numerous appearances in South Korean movies.

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