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Review: Save the Green Planet! (South Korea, 2003)


When I mentioned to a friend that I would be watching Save the Green Planet!, he commented (the actual words he used were somewhat more...

Review: The Return (Russia, 2003)


We here in the West oftentimes see Russia as a miserable place. It is the austere authoritarian other to our delightful democratic self, a home...

Review: Love Impossible (South Korea, 2003)


Watching tragic movies like Dangerous Liaisons and One Step Away can be heavy on one’s heart, so today I choose to review one of my favorite “happy” movies—Love...

Review: Lost In Translation (United States, 2003)


There’s an old adage in Japanese — “mono no aware”, or “the transience of life”. It’s the idea that nothing is forever, and that’s precisely what gives...


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