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Review: Girlfriend, Boyfriend (Taiwan, 2012)


Girlfriend, Boyfriend is a coming of age romance (with a unique twist) set amidst Taiwan's democratization.

Review: They Call it Myanmar – Lifting the Curtain (United States, 2012)


Robert H. Lieberman’s They Call It Myanmar: Lifting the Curtain is an exceptional layperson’s introduction to modern Burma and its tribulations. However, those who desire...

Review: Doomsday Book (South Korea, 2012)


The South Korean sci-fi anthology Doomsday Book promises zombies in Seoul, robots achieving nirvana, and asteroids hitting Korea -- but can it deliver on this...

Review: Rent-A-Cat (Japan, 2012)


With Rent-A-Cat (Rentaneko), Director Naoko Ogigami brings us a self-written film touching upon the loneliness that plagues many in modern society, but especially in Japan...

Review: Sleepwalk with Me (United States, 2012)


If you’re a This American Life listener, you’ve probably heard comedian Mike Birbiglia. Birbiglia contributes regularly to the program, offering doses of deadpan humor in numerous...

Review: The First Time (China, 2012)


Han Yan brings us this touching story of Song Shiqiao (Angelababy), a young college student diagnosed with a terminal genetic condition, and her love affair...

Review: Dangerous Liaisons (China, 2012)


Cecilia Cheung is among my favourite actresses—and in Dangerous Liaisons, she portrays the role of cunning, shrewd businesswoman Mo Jieyu, who plots to use one of...

Review: Meet in Pyongyang (North Korea/China, 2012)


This North Korean-Chinese co-production is a fascinating piece of political theater.


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