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Golden Horse Awards

Review: “A Sun” Is A Meticulous Family Drama Worthy of Its Golden Horse Awards


Taiwanese director Chung Mong-hong's "A Sun" weaves an intricate and entertaining tale of family misfortune.

Review: “The Great Buddha+” Shows Taiwan’s Bleak Reality…via Dashcam


One of Taiwan's best films of 2017 is getting a North America release.

Review: The Moment – 50 Years of Golden Horse (Taiwan, 2016)


The Moment is a must-watch documentary for anyone interested in the history of Taiwanese cinema.

Taiwanese Director Huang Hui-chen on Her Film “Small Talk”


"Small Talk" won a 2016 Golden Horse Award for Best Documentary and a Teddy Award at 2017's Berlinale.

Interview with Midi Z, director of “Road to Mandalay” and “Ice Poison”


An interview with Midi Z, a Myanmar-born Taiwanese director who won the Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year award at 2016's Golden Horse Awards.


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