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“76 Days” Features Heart-Wrenching Footage of Wuhan During the Worst Days of COVID-19


Hao Wu's latest documentary features never-before-seen footage of a hospital struggling to save lives amidst the early days of the coronavirus outbreak in China.

Interview: Joe Odagiri On “They Say Nothing Stays the Same,” His Scenic Directorial Debut


Japanese actor turned director Joe Odagiri discusses his debut feature “They Say Nothing Stays the Same,” which screened at 2020's New York Asian Film Festival.

Rae Red Talks “Babae at Baril,” Her Feminist Film About Philippine Realities


Filipina filmmaker Rae Red’s directorial debut “Babae at Baril” tells the story of a girl and a gun—and the patriarchal, capitalist system they live in.

Interview: Yeo Yann Yann Talks “Invisible Stories,” Motherly Roles, and Singaporean Narratives


Hot off the heels of winning Best Actress at the 2019 Golden Horse Awards for "Wet Season," Yeo Yann Yann discusses what's next.

“My Prince Edward” Explores Notions of Independence and Freedom for Young Women in Hong Kong


Norris Wong's directorial debut “My Prince Edward” highlights young women's struggle against generational and societal pressures in Hong Kong.

Interview: “Japanology” Host Peter Barakan—Japan’s Accidental Ambassador


Peter Barakan talks about bridging Japan and the world with NHK’s “Begin Japanology” and beyond.

Netflix Reveals New Korean Dramas and Movies For 2020


Korean drama and movie fans on Netflix can expect more hits from Korea and more originals.

Review: Season 2 of “Kingdom” Continues Themes of Politics and Class Struggle


Season two is as fast-paced as the previous season, with more focus on themes of survival and protecting what’s precious.

Review: “I’m Livin’ It” Shines Light on Hong Kong’s Homeless


Danny Wong Hing Fan's directorial debut focuses on emotional wealth over material.

Interview: “Ilo Ilo” and “Wet Season” Director Anthony Chen Talks Casting, Honesty, and Being Away From Home


Singaporean director Anthony Chen discusses his films "Wet Season" and "Ilo Ilo"—and tells us why he found "Crazy Rich Asians" offensive.

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