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Review: Elite Squad (Brazil, 2007)


Before playing infamous Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar on Netflix’s Narcos, Brazilian actor Wagner Moura made a name for himself by starring in an opposite...

Review: Timecrimes (Spain, 2007)


Time travel isn’t anything new. As a sci-fi fan, I’ve seen plenty of it–Doctor Who, certain episodes of Stargate SG-1, Star Trek, you name it....

Review: The Mafia, the Salesman (South Korea, 2007)


Globalization is a theme on many business-people’s minds—even Korean gangsters know about the Korea-US Free Trade Agreement. When a Korean gang embarks on a globalization...

Review: Katyń (Poland, 2007)


Polish history began a long descent into darkness in 1772. That year saw the First Partition of Poland at the hands of Prussia, Austria, and...


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