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Review: Formosa Mambo (Taiwan, 2011)


In recent years, a rather distinctive annoyance has plagued Taiwanese society: phone scammers. While phone scammers exist in other countries like the US (ever received...

Review: Headhunters (Norway, 2011)


At 5ft 6in, Roger Brown exists below the average Scandinavian male’s height. In every other aspect, however, Brown is anything but average. He owns a...

Review: My Way (South Korea, 2011)


During the D-Day landings in 1944, American paratroopers captured an Asian man in Wehrmacht uniform. This man was Yang Kyoungjong, a Korean who had…

Review: Boxer’s Wings (South Korea, 2011)


It is said that to win a Korean girl’s hand in marriage, you must first defeat her father in Starcraft. While this adage is likely...

Review: Lan Kwai Fong (Hong Kong, 2011)


If there was a genre of movies called “rich people problems”, Lan Kwai Fong would be one of its leading films. The first in a trilogy, Lan Kwai Fong tells the story...

Review: Chinese Take-Away (Argentina, 2011)


Across antipodes, life’s absurdities find a home in the 2011 Argentine comedy-drama Chinese Take-Away (trailer). Starring renowned Argentine actor Ricardo Darín and the Taiwanese-Argentine Ignacio...


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