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Review: Kajaki (United Kingdom, 2014)


The independent film Kajaki (titled Kilo Two Bravo for North American distribution) tells the true story of British troops who must contend with the physical...

Five Snapshots of South Korean History From “Ode to My Father”


Learn about South Korea's history through Ode to My Father, a touching Forrest Gump-like story of an ordinary man who experiences extraordinary events.

Review: Dream Flight (Taiwan, 2014)


Our newest contributor Jordan Li discusses Dream Flight, the first Taiwanese film ever to feature the Taiwanese Air Force. Read our article to learn about...

Review: Breakup Buddies (China, 2014)


At long last, a raunchy buddy roadtrip movie has reared its head in the Middle Kingdom. Ning Hao’s 2014 comedy Breakup Buddies offers a Chinese-flavored...

Review: Partners in Crime (Taiwan, 2014)


Oh look, yet another Taiwanese teen movie. That’s what I thought to myself when I first stumbled upon some promotional pictures from Partners in Crime,...

Review: Wild Tales (Argentina, 2014)


Argentina's shortlisted nominee for the 2014 Best Foreign Language Film Oscar packs six standalone shorts with themes of revenge and fantasy -- one short eerily...

Review: Good Kill (United States, 2014)


Andrew Niccol explores the dark side of modern warfare through the eyes of a F-16 pilot (Ethan Hawke) reassigned to fly Predator drones. This uniquely...

Review: Meeting Dr. Sun (Taiwan, 2014)


Seemingly inspired by last year's Sunflower Student Movement, Meeting Dr. Sun is a socially conscious comedy that brightens Taiwan's normally apolitical cinematic landscape.

Review: La Salada (Argentina, 2014)


La Salada is a multicultural feast from Argentina, a film which mixes Korean, Mandarin, Quechua, and Spanish in a novel take on the immigrant experience.

Review: A Girl at My Door (South Korea, 2014)


As we’ve learned from Save the Green Planet!, Korean films with seemingly banal or friendly titles aren’t always as benign as a quick glance would...

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