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North Korea

10 South Korean Dramas That Feature North Korea


The news isn't the only place where you can see North-South Korea relations—these K-dramas will both entertain and inform you! We've updated this list for...

Top 10 Documentaries About North Korea


The best North Korea documentaries, compiled by someone who's actually been there.

Trailer: Confidential Assignment (South Korea, 2017)


An action thriller starring Hyun Bin as a North Korean detective sent to the South for a cooperative investigation.

Review: Under the Sun (Russia/North Korea, 2015)


Russian filmmaker Vitaly Manskiy's Under the Sun is perhaps the most philosophical and artistic documentary I've seen about North Korea.

Interview: Colin Offland, Director of “Dennis Rodman’s Big Bang in Pyongyang”


Cinema Escapist talks with Colin Offland, director of the documentary Dennis Rodman's Big Bang in Pyongyang. Offland tells us about his experiences making this hilarious...

An Interview With Paul Fischer, Author of “A Kim Jong-il Production”


In a special in-depth interview, author and filmmaker Paul Fischer discusses his book about North Korean cinema and comments on how perception and propaganda define...

Review: The Flower Girl (North Korea, 1972)


When I traveled to North Korea last summer, I talked with one of my guides, Ms. Pak, about movies. A friend of mine had asked...

Review: Order Number 27 (North Korea, 1986)


Despite my intense academic interest in North Korea, I actually haven’t fully dived into the country’s cinema yet. Yes, I’ve seen documentaries filmed in North...


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