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The difference between Chinese and American romance movies


While Americans have romantic comedies, Chinese have something else... read to learn what and why!

Review: Soul Mate (China, 2016)


A Chinese movie about female friendship with coming-of-age and tragi-romance characteristics.

Review: Forever Young (China, 2015)


Well, it’s been a while hasn’t it? Since my last review, I’ve been busy settling into the sunny Silicon Valley and #disrupt-ing very hard. That...

Review: Fleet of Time (China, 2014)


I’ve watched so many coming-of-age tragi-romance stories that I’m starting to lose track! Fleet of Time is the next one on my personal hit list,...

Review: So Young (China, 2013)


In yet another coming-of-age romance story involving moves to America, famed actress Zhao Wei brings us her debut film starring Mark Chao and Han Geng...

Review: But Always (China, 2014)


  Today in New York, there was a massive snowstorm that led to my getting off of work early (alongside cancelling happy hours and impressively...

Review: My Old Classmate (China, 2014)


The lovely Zhou Dongyu (Under the Hawthorn Tree) stars in My Old Classmate (同桌的妳) alongside Lin Gengxin (Black and White: Dawn of Justice), to bring...