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Zhou Dongyu

The 10 Best Chinese Movies of 2018


Cinema Escapist reveals the top Chinese films from 2018, across genres like romance, action, drama, and more.

The 8 Best Chinese Movies of 2017


Eight Chinese movies from 2017 that are worth your attention.

Trailer: Feng Xiaogang’s Latest Movie “Youth” Premieres Sep 30, 2017


Famed Chinese director Feng Xiaogang is back with a coming-of-age People's Liberation Army romance flick (yes, that's a thing).

Review: This is Not What I Expected (China, 2017)


Starlet Zhou Dongyu displays a new level of maturity opposite Takeshi Kaneshiro in this culinary-themed Chinese rom-com.

Trailer: PLA Propaganda Movie “The Founding of an Army” Premieres on August 1, 2017


The third installment of the "Founding of New China" series will release on the 90th anniversary of the founding of the People's Liberation Army.

Review: Soul Mate (China, 2016)


A Chinese movie about female friendship with coming-of-age and tragi-romance characteristics.

Review: Breakup Buddies (China, 2014)


At long last, a raunchy buddy roadtrip movie has reared its head in the Middle Kingdom. Ning Hao’s 2014 comedy Breakup Buddies offers a Chinese-flavored...

Review: My Old Classmate (China, 2014)


The lovely Zhou Dongyu (Under the Hawthorn Tree) stars in My Old Classmate (同桌的妳) alongside Lin Gengxin (Black and White: Dawn of Justice), to bring...


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