“Change” Teaches Us How Construction and Environmentalism Can Coexist

This documentary follows a unique eco-education program initiated by Taiwan's construction industry.

By , 18 Mar 17 22:02 GMT
Children learning about wild birds in Change.

Normally we think of construction and environmentalism as diametrically opposed. However, Taiwanese director Wu Wuna’s Change (扭轉的力量) smashes these preconceptions by documenting a novel ecological education program initiated by Taiwan’s construction industry. If you’re interested in learning how very different groups can work together to shape a better world, Change is a film for you.

At the documentary’s center is Xiu Juan, a ten year construction industry veteran who started the “Love for Earth” ecological education program in 2011. Xiu has recruited a diverse litany of environmental advocates to discuss their work with construction professionals and architects as part of the program. These advocates range from tree-transplanting professors to folk singers, and the film profiles each one of their unique methods for promoting ecological awareness.

What’s also fascinating is that Xiu’s “Love for Earth” program also includes bringing such advocates to educate young students. Childhood education is a great lens through which to see a society’s character, and I was impressed by the depth and passion of the program’s impacts on Taiwanese schoolchildren. Watching Change will give you a taste for how progressive Taiwan is relative to other East Asian societies; I couldn’t imagine Chinese construction companies asking environmentalists to help schoolchildren raise butterflies as part of something called “Love for Earth”, for instance.

“Change” is a film that matters because it shows two groups collaborating towards a noble cause. In light of increasing polarization and phenomena like climate change denial, this documentary is a great refresher if you’re someone who’s interested in ecological issues, or just want to see people working together instead of fighting.

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Change (扭轉的力量) — Dialog in Mandarin and Taiwanese in English subtitles. Taiwan. Directed by Wu Wuna. First released in 2014. Running time 48 minutes. 

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