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Review: “Another Day Of Life” Vibrantly Relives Angola’s Civil War


Based on Ryszard Kapuściński’s eponymous book, “Another Day of Life” blends animation and documentary to vividly relive history.

Interview: “Metal Politics Taiwan” Director Marco Wilms


Marco Wilms discusses rebels, politicians, and what it was like being a foreigner shooting a politically charged documentary in Taiwan.

Interview: Mark Grieco’s “A River Below” Isn’t Just About Saving the Dolphins


Grieco's documentary explores the complex, "post-truth truth" behind an episode of environmental activism in Brazil.

Review: Berlinized (Germany, 2012)


"Berlinized" is a peek into the bizarre art culture that grew out of the fallen Berlin Wall.

Meet Joshua Wong: The 20 Year-old Poster Boy of Hong Kong’s Democracy Movement


Wong is the subject of "Joshua: Teenager v. Superpower"―a new documentary now available on Netflix.

“Change” Teaches Us How Construction and Environmentalism Can Coexist


This documentary follows a unique eco-education program initiated by Taiwan's construction industry.

“Uncertain” Finds Empathy at the Margins


This documentary about a small Texas town helps us remember that, wherever we are, we're all part of the same human struggle.

A Talk About Kitties With the Director of “Kedi”


Ceyda Torun discusses her documentary about Istanbul’s street cats.

Interview: Zhao Qi on Bridging China and the West Through Documentaries


Zhao Qi is a Chinese producer and director who's helped bring four documentaries to Sundance—including 2015's "The Chinese Mayor".

Interview: Nanfu Wang, Director of “Hooligan Sparrow”


"Hooligan Sparrow" is an Oscar shortlisted documentary about one of China's most prominent women's rights activists.

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