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Review: Stalingrad (Russia, 2013)


A 2013 Russian revisitation of WWII's arguably most important battle, complete with slick production quality and special effects.

Review: The Eternal Zero (Japan, 2013)


2013 was a good year for Japanese aviation fans. Hayao Miyazaki released his magnum opus The Wind Rises, a fictionalized biopic of Jiro Horikoshi (the...

Review: Hwayi – A Monster Boy (South Korea, 2013)


To this date, South Korean director Jang Joon-hwan has only made two feature-length films. The first is 2003’s Save the Green Planet!, a gratuitously gory...

Review: Stolen Seas (United States, 2013)


Thanks to 2013’s Captain Phillips, public perception of Somali pirates is now tilted towards a military dimension of Navy SEALs coming and saving the day...

Review: The Attorney (South Korea, 2013)


Today, South Korea is a culturally and economically vibrant democracy—but it wasn't always this way. The Attorney is a spellbinding look into the nation's recent...

Review: The Fake (South Korea, 2013)


The Fake is a fascinating Korean film that skewers organized religion and explores the darkness of human nature. It's a rare piece that offers both...

Review: Beijing Meets Seattle (China, 2013)


Chinese people have always viewed New York as the ultimate symbol of Americanism–something evident in a wide range of Chinese tragi-romances and coming-of-age stories, including my...

Review: Ilo Ilo (Singapore, 2013)


Though they share many similarities (both are city-states and major financial centers dominated by a Chinese-speaking populace) Singapore and Hong Kong aren’t so close when...

Review: Tangerines (Estonia/Georgia, 2013)


Rounding out the former Soviet bloc nominees for this year’s Best Foreign Language Film Oscar is Tangerines, a co-production between Estonia and Georgia (officially, it’s...

Review: Ida (Poland, 2013)


Our review for 2014's Academy Award for Best Foreign Language film. Ida is a gracefully quiet piece that documents a girl's journey of personal discovery...

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