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Articles by Oscar Harding

Review: “The Cursed Ones” and the Burden of History


All-too relevant Ghanaian drama proves that the past has too much power over the present.

Review: “I Am Not a Witch” and the Apathy of the Gullible


This absurd Zambian comedy skewers those who can’t be bothered to call out injustice because it doesn’t affect them.

Interview: “Five Fingers for Marseilles” Director Michael Matthews and Writer Sean Drummond


The filmmaking duo behind ' Five Fingers for Marseilles' discuss the decade-long journey of bringing South Africa's first Western to the screen.

Review: “Five Fingers for Marseilles” shows colonialism’s scars in South Africa


The film transplants the Western genre to South Africa, offering an allegory for colonialism's damaging influence on African nations.

Review: Ivory Coast’s “Run” and the tragedy of populism


Director Philippe Lacôte’s debut feature examines how populism hurts its most dedicated adherents.

Interview: Daniel McCabe’s “This Is Congo” compels us to care about the Congo


Director Daniel McCabe reveals his intent to confuse, scar, and ultimately engage the audience in his war documentary “This Is Congo”.

Review: “This Is Congo” and the farcical nature of power


This brilliant war documentary shows that the decades-old Congo conflict is nothing more than a farcical power struggle.