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South Asia

If Indian Movies Want Bigger Profits, They Should Focus on China


Lessons from Aamir Khan's "Secret Superstar" and "Dangal".

Review: “Haider” Is “Hamlet” With AK-47s


This movie is the most entertaining—and meaningful—adaptation of "Hamlet" you'll ever see.

Meet India’s “Third Gender” in “Black Sheep”


A new documentary profiles the hijra - a unique transgender community in India with several thousand years of history.

A Taste of South Indian Indie Film From “Six Feet High” And “An Off-Day Game”


Keralan director Sanal Kumar Sasidhara's first two features offer an example of world-class cinematic technique applied to local, Indian narratives.

Trailer: Jackie Chan’s “Kung Fu Yoga” Premieres Jan 28


Kung Fu Yoga is a Chinese-Indian coproduction starring Jackie Chan that hits Chinese theaters on January 28, 2017.

Interview with Niharika Popli, director of “Rasan Piya”


Niharika Popli is the director of Rasan Piya, a documentary about a renowned classical Indian musician named Ustad Abdul Rashid Khan.

Review: Kothanodi (India, 2015)


A refreshing, artistic independent film from the northeastern Indian state of Assam.

Review: 3 Idiots (India, 2009)


All izz well. As my heart was incessantly thudding, waiting to open the page where Cornell University would determine my fate forever, I whispered to...

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