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Gwei Lun-Mei

“On Happiness Road” Beautifully Embodies Taiwan’s Existential Malaise


This animated movie perfectly captures Taiwan’s struggles—both in its story and behind the scenes.

Review: The Moment – 50 Years of Golden Horse (Taiwan, 2016)


The Moment is a must-watch documentary for anyone interested in the history of Taiwanese cinema.

“Beautiful Accident” Starring Gwei Lun-mei to Premiere May 27, 2017


Popular Taiwanese actress Gwei Lun-mei (桂纶镁) is set to headline Beautiful Accident (美好的意外).

Review: Girlfriend, Boyfriend (Taiwan, 2012)


Girlfriend, Boyfriend is a coming of age romance (with a unique twist) set amidst Taiwan's democratization.

Review: Black Coal, Thin Ice (China, 2014)


When a movie is named Black Coal, Thin Ice, you can probably guess that it won’t be about unicorns and rainbows. As expected, director Diao...

Review: One Step Away (China, 2014)


Zhao Baogang’s One Step Away tells the story of a double-agent Communist serving as a KMT-employed Communist-hunter named Fu (played by Sun Honglei), who harbours...


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