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Jia Zhangke

Review: “Ash Is Purest White” Stands Stubbornly Still While China Moves Forward


Jia Zhangke's "Ash is Purest White" makes us wonder where stubbornly idiosyncratic auteurs belong in contemporary China.

The 10 Best Chinese Movies of 2018


Cinema Escapist reveals the top Chinese films from 2018, across genres like romance, action, drama, and more.

The Best Chinese Movies on Netflix


Seven worthy Chinese movies you can watch on Netflix today!

Review: The World (China, 2004)


In the West, China is famous for its ripoffs–copycat smartphones, pirated DVDs with uncannily modified titles, and counterfeit luxury products. Movies and LV purses are...

Review: A Touch of Sin (China, 2013)


As a budding China watcher, I am surprised that I have not seen more of Jia Zhangke’s work. As a budding China watcher, I am...


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