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Review: Netflix’s “Record of Youth” Highlights Millennial Struggles in the Fashion Industry


Park Bo-gum and Park So-dam star in a drama that eschews K-drama romance clichés, instead highlighting the frustrations of millennials

Review: Action-Packed “Labyrinth of Cinema” Conveys A Strong Anti-War Message


Nobuhiko Obayashi's last film "Labyrinth of Cinema" challenges viewers to reject militarism and advocates for pacifism.

Review: “The Shaman Sorceress” Explores Clashes Between Competing Faiths


Based on a 1936 short story, "The Shaman Sorceress" portrays how Westernization and modernization affected a Korean village through their shaman.

Review: “Sacrifice” Offers Airy Take On Japanese Cults And National Traumas


Taku Tsuboi’s directorial debut “Sacrifice” blends philosophical musings about the Tohoku Earthquake and Aum Shinrikyo with cat killings—but falls short of meaningful commentary.

Review: What “A Silent Voice” Can Tell Us About Ableism and Tolerance in Japan


Kyoto Animation's 2016 hit anime movie "A Silent Voice" deftly tackles controversial social issues in Japan.


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