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Review: Zombie Movie “Get the Hell Out” Satirizes the Spectacle of Taiwanese Politics


Screened at 2020’s Toronto International Film Festival, Taiwanese zombie flick "Get the Hell Out" offers cartoonish violence, absurdity, and irreverent political satire.

Review: Korea’s “#Alive” Is a Perfect Zombie Movie for the Coronavirus Era


Starring Yoo Ah-in and Park Shin-hye, “#Alive” is an entertaining zombie flick that seems tailor-made for the time of coronavirus.

Review: “Peninsula” Offers Ample Korean Zombie Action, But Less Originality


"Train to Busan" sequel "Peninsula" paints a dynamic post-apocalypse filled with flares and car chases, but lacks depth and distinctiveness.

The 13 Best Korean Horror Movies, Streaming Links Included


Cinema Escapist reveals the top Korean horror movies—with streaming links from Netflix, Amazon, and more.

Review: Train to Busan (South Korea, 2016)


World War Z meets Snowpiercer in this Korean zombie blockbuster.


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