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A talk about kitties with the director of “Kedi”


Ceyda Torun discusses her documentary about Istanbul’s street cats.

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Review: Timbuktu (Mauritania, 2014)


Timbuktu is a stirringly silent series of snapshots from when the eponymous Malian city was under jihadist occupation. Peaceful yet powerful, it is a powerful...

Review: Kabukicho Love Hotel (Japan, 2014)


Steamy sex scenes, dark secrets, and broken dreams —“pink film” kingpin Ryuichi Hiroki does it again. A multi-threaded drama featuring a Korean call girl, an aspiring...

An interview with Dror Shaul, director of “Atomic Falafel”


"Atomic Falafel", which satirizes Israel-Iran nuclear tensions, has been praised as an Israeli "Doctor Strangelove"

Review: My Beloved Bodyguard (China, 2016)


Imagine Taken or the Korean gangster film The Man From Nowhere, but in a more family-centric, grandfatherly format. That’s the premise of My Beloved Bodyguard,...