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Review: This is Not What I Expected (China, 2017)


Starlet Zhou Dongyu displays a new level of maturity opposite Takeshi Kaneshiro in this culinary-themed Chinese rom-com.

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Review: The Wedding Plan (Israel, 2016)


Rama Burshtein's sophomore film manages to make -- from a tired plot -- a lively comedy with a lot to say about Orthodox Jewish women...

Review: The Second Mother (Brazil, 2015)


One of the most deservedly acclaimed films to come out of Brazil in the past year is The Second Mother, which centers around a live-in...

Interview with Niharika Popli, director of “Rasan Piya”


Niharika Popli is the director of Rasan Piya, a documentary about a renowned classical Indian musician named Ustad Abdul Rashid Khan.

Review: Submarine (United Kingdom/United States, 2010)


To say the least, Richard Ayoade’s Submarine is both dark and quirky. It narrates the adolescence of Oliver Tate, an introverted, semi-neurotic 15 year-old in...