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Review: This is Not What I Expected (China, 2017)


Starlet Zhou Dongyu displays a new level of maturity opposite Takeshi Kaneshiro in this culinary-themed Chinese rom-com.

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Review: Northern Limit Line (South Korea, 2015)


Released last week in the US, Northern Limit Line is a based on a fascinating real-life battle between South and North Korean patrol boats.

An interview with Dror Shaul, director of “Atomic Falafel”


"Atomic Falafel", which satirizes Israel-Iran nuclear tensions, has been praised as an Israeli "Doctor Strangelove"

Interview: Colin Offland, director of “Dennis Rodman’s Big Bang in Pyongyang”


Cinema Escapist talks with Colin Offland, director of the documentary Dennis Rodman's Big Bang in Pyongyang. Offland tells us about his experiences making this hilarious...

Review: Good Kill (United States, 2014)


Andrew Niccol explores the dark side of modern warfare through the eyes of a F-16 pilot (Ethan Hawke) reassigned to fly Predator drones. This uniquely...