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Interview: Wang Yu-lin on Taiwanese aborigines and gender identity in “Alifu, The Prince/ss”


"Alifu, The Prince/ss" tells a unique story at the intersection of Taiwanese aboriginal traditions and transgender rights. It premieres October 2017.

Interview: Director Zero Chou on making LGBT films in the Greater China region


The Teddy Award-winning Taiwanese director discusses her latest "Six Asian Cities Rainbow Project" and past works.

“Fathers” director Palatpol Mingpornpichit on making a film about LGBT families in Thailand


Mingpornpichit's film "Fathers" focuses on a gay couple in Thailand who must deal with many tribulations to raise a son.

Movie “Fathers” showcases both tolerance and challenges for Thai LGBT couples


The Thai movie "Fathers" shows the challenges a gay couple encounters while raising their adopted son.

Meet India’s “third gender” in “Black Sheep”


A new documentary profiles the hijra - a unique transgender community in India with several thousand years of history.

Review: From Afar (Venezuela, 2016)


An unlikely Venezuelan piece that offers an artistic, brooding taste of award-friendly cinema.