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South Korea

Review: “Default” is Korea’s Take on “The Big Short”


“Default” explores the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis’ impact in Korea, focusing more on emotions than economic explanations.

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Now available to international audiences on Netflix, The Perfect Dictatorship is Mexican director Luis Estrada’s latest satire on his country’s politics. The film’s title comes...

Review: “Shuttle Life” Highlights the Plight of Malaysia’s Urban Poor in an Unequal Society


Director Tan Seng Kiat's debut feature offers a stirring and relevant critique of Malaysia's social woes.

Review: Three Times (Taiwan, 2005)


A review of Taiwanese auteur Hou Hsiao-hsien's classic of three acts.

Review: The First Time (China, 2012)


Han Yan brings us this touching story of Song Shiqiao (Angelababy), a young college student diagnosed with a terminal genetic condition, and her love affair...