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Review: China’s “Sky Hunter” gives “Top Gun” a run for its money


"Sky Hunter" showcases shiny Chinese fighter jets, global ambitions, and...Fan Bingbing.

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Ukraine’s “Servant of the People” is a hidden gem of political comedy


After earning the love of Ukrainian audiences, this satirical show is now available worldwide on Netflix.

Review: Ivory Coast’s “Run” and the tragedy of populism


Director Philippe Lacôte’s debut feature examines how populism hurts its most dedicated adherents.

Review: Whisper of the Heart (Japan, 1995)


It’s almost sinful how little this movie is known or seen. There is no doubt this is one of the most emotionally intricate, beautiful pieces...

Review: Beijing Meets Seattle (China, 2013)


Chinese people have always viewed New York as the ultimate symbol of Americanism–something evident in a wide range of Chinese tragi-romances and coming-of-age stories, including my...