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Interview: Mark Grieco’s “A River Below” isn’t just about saving the dolphins


Grieco's documentary explores the complex, "post-truth truth" behind an episode of environmental activism in Brazil.

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Review: The Wedding Plan (Israel, 2016)


Rama Burshtein's sophomore film manages to make -- from a tired plot -- a lively comedy with a lot to say about Orthodox Jewish women...

Chinese indie movie “The Taste of Rice Flower” enters production


"A Taste of Rice Flower" documents the life of an ethnic Dai woman in Yunnan province.

Review: Yamato (Japan, 2005)


Commissioned a week after Pearl Harbor in 1941, the battleship Yamato is a fitting metaphor for the rise and fall of the Japanese Empire during...

Review: Vive L’Amour (Taiwan, 1994)


I’ve always seen Taipei as a city of togetherness. To me, it is an abode of extended family, a lively retreat from the banality of...