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Review: The Hidden Sword (China, 2017)


A distinctively artistic take on an alternate Second Sino-Japanese War which China wins with the help of a mysterious swordsman.

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Review: Klown (Denmark, 2010)


What do you get when you mix the woes of parenting and The Hangover? Probably something a lot like Klown, a taboo-busting Danish comedy.

Review: A Bittersweet Life (South Korea, 2005)


My god, I have been missing out. Admittedly, I’ve never been a fan of Korean dramas — they’re usually unrealistic, pathos-filled, campy fairytales that make my stomach...

Review: Tuhao 520 (China, 2015)


Chinese Premier Deng Xiaoping famously declared that “we should let some people get rich first” — setting off decades of reform and opening-up that has...

Review: Sashimi (Taiwan, 2015)


Thanks to 50 years of relatively benign colonial rule contrasted against 40 years of Nationalist martial law, Taiwan has a lasting cultural and historical affinity...