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Taiwanese Director Huang Hui-chen on Her Film “Small Talk”


"Small Talk" won a 2016 Golden Horse Award for Best Documentary and a Teddy Award at 2017's Berlinale.

“Change” Teaches Us How Construction and Environmentalism Can Coexist


This documentary follows a unique eco-education program initiated by Taiwan's construction industry.

Why Anyone Who Cares About Taiwan Should Watch “A City of Sadness”


"A City of Sadness" is not only one of Taiwan's most renowned films, but also a great way to learn about the island.

Three Taiwanese Films to Screen at 2017 Berlin International Film Festival


Three Taiwanese films will be screened at the 67th Berlin International Film Festival (the Berlinale) in February 2017.

Review: Ace of Sales (Taiwan, 2016)


A haphazard Taiwanese comedy about a TV shopping presenter played by model Bianca Bai.

Review: Girlfriend, Boyfriend (Taiwan, 2012)


Girlfriend, Boyfriend is a coming of age romance (with a unique twist) set amidst Taiwan's democratization.

Review: 52Hz I Love You (Taiwan, 2017)


Director Wei Te-sheng's 52 Hz I Love You is a rare Chinese-language musical movie that highlights Taiwan's vibrance and modernity.

Wei Te-sheng’s Newest Movie “52Hz, I Love You” Premiering Across North America


From Oct 29 to Nov 21, 2016, renowned Taiwanese director Wei Te-sheng's newest film "52Hz, I love you" will screen across 50+ North American locations.

Review: Formosa Mambo (Taiwan, 2011)


In recent years, a rather distinctive annoyance has plagued Taiwanese society: phone scammers. While phone scammers exist in other countries like the US (ever received...

Review: Sashimi (Taiwan, 2015)


Thanks to 50 years of relatively benign colonial rule contrasted against 40 years of Nationalist martial law, Taiwan has a lasting cultural and historical affinity...

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