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Review: “Ten Years Japan” Pictures Dystopia With Hopeful Undertones


The short film anthology "Ten Years Japan" provides a relevant, but not depressing, look at contemporary Japan's social challenges.

How “Isle of Dogs” is a Metaphor for Japanese Politics


Other critics have it wrong: Wes Anderson's film actually conveys Japanese issues through an American lens, not the other way around.

11 WWII Movies From the Japanese perspective


Check out 10 of the best Japanese WWII movies. Learn about World War II from a different perspective!

This Movie Helps Explain Why Turkey And Japan Are Such Good Friends


"Ertugrul 1890" reveals how it all starts with a century-old disaster.

5 Japanese Movies (and 3 Shorts) to Watch If You Love Cats


Like cats? Like Japanese movies? Check out these Japanese movies with cats!

Review: If Cats Disappeared from the World (Japan, 2016)


A heartfelt Japanese film with a somewhat misleading title (fortunately).

An interview with director Yung Chang about his documentary “Gatekeeper”


Gatekeeper documents the suicide prevention efforts of a retired Japanese detective named Yukio Shige.

Review: The Birth of Sake (United States, 2016)


Erik Shirai’s The Birth of Sake is a warm love letter to the national liquor of Japan and the people who make it happen. Shirai...

“Terrace House”: Netflix’s New Japanese Reality Show


Three guys, three girls, and a massive, well appointed apartment in the heart of Tokyo? Netflix does reality TV for Japan.. and it's not what...

Review: Neko Samurai (Japan, 2014)


What do you get when you cross the internet’s favorite animal with sword-wielding Japanese warriors? Well, something a lot like the 2014 Japanese comedy-drama Neko...

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